Image usage policy
Please read the notes below carefully, when you use the images that GOTTE created.

1) No commercial use is allowed.
2) No modification is allowed.
3) Personal use as LINE profile picture, smartphone wallpaper, tattoo for personal enjoyment is permitted.
4) Personal use in SNS or blog is allowed, if you satisfy the following conditions. 

(1) When you use as SNS or blog profile pictures,
please add the creator name, GOTTE, with the weblink to the GOTTE SNS accounts or homepage, into your profile column. 
(2) When you reproduce the images created by GOTTE in your SNS or blog post,
please add the creator name, GOTTE, with the weblink to the GOTTE SNS accounts or homepage, into your SNS or blog post. 

Ex1) When you use in Twitter
Add the description, “created by GOTTE(@ap_hamham)” 
Ex2) When you use in Instagram
Add the description, “created by GOTTE(@GOTTEhamham)” 
Ex3) When you use in Facebook
Add the description, “created by GOTTE(@hamgotte)” 
Ex4) When you use in your own blog,
Add the description, “created by GOTTE(” 

If you have any questions about the use in other cases, please feel free to CONTACT me at anytime.

Qs and As useful for people living in countries other than Japan.

1) Can I purchase GOTTE original goods?
 Very sorry but, goods are sold only in Japan.

2) Can I purchase original paintings?

Basically the original paintings are sold at the exhibition in Japan. 


3) Can I request to paint a portrait of my hamster?

Currently, I do not accept such request.

​4)Where can I buy goods in Japan?

You can buy goods at the following stores.

Please contact each store directly for products and stock.


池袋ロフト(Ikebukuro Loft)

渋谷ロフト(Shibuya Loft)

キデイランド池袋サンシャインシティ(Kiddy Land Ikebukuro Sunshine City)

キデイランド原宿(Kiddy Land Harajuku)

ヴィレッジヴァンガードルミネエスト新宿(Village Vangerd LUMINE EST Shinjuku)

ヤマシロヤ東京(Yamashiroya Tokyo)


東急ハンズ横浜(Tokyu Hands Yokohama)


仙台ロフト(Sendai Loft )


東急ハンズ名古屋(Tokyu Hands Nagoya)


キデイランド大阪梅田(Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda)

梅田ロフト(Umeda Loft)


キデイランド京都四条河原町(Kiddy Land Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi)


札幌ロフト(Sapporo Loft)


キデイランド青森(Kiddy Land Aomori)


天神ロフト(Tenjin Loft)


東急ハンズ広島(Tokyu Hands Hiroshima)

ネット通販(Online shopping)

 ロフトネットストア(Loft net store) ※Japan Only